Keeping Chicago Blues alive, Robbert Fossen & Peter Struijk were the winners of the Dutch Blues Challenge 2012 and finalists at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, in January 2013.
The Fossen & Struijk Band won the Blues Award as best Dutch blues band 2014.
Robbert Fossen won the Blues Awards as "Best vocalist" 2014. Peter was nominated several times for the Blues Award as best guitar player.
The Fossen & Struijk Band (four piece) is thè Dutch Premier Real Deal Chicago Blues Band.

The main inspiration is the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s Chicago club sound from the heydays of Chicago’s Blues.
Rick Kreher, Muddy Waters’ guitar player, wrote in the liner notes of their CD  ‘Clubbing’ about the funny fact that it takes a band from The Netherlands to keep the Chicago Blues torch burning. Both as duo and band Fossen & Struijk are ready to bring some blues history to your stage or venue.