THE MUDDY WATERS TRIBUTE BAND,(a.k.a. Robbert Fossen & The Electric Men)

Although Robbert has some Muddy Waters songs in every show he does till now, he had the plan for a real Muddy Waters tribute show on his mind for years. At the end of 2015 he met some young musicians and the combination of their individual talents, their interest in blues and the way they fit together musically, formed the ingredients to set up the Muddy Waters tribute show. And for Robbert it's a good way to stimulate this younger generation of musicians to get 'deeper' into the blues music. The Muddy Waters repertoire is perfect for that goal. After a few rehearsals it turned out to be much easier than expected to 'nail' the deep Muddy Waters blues style. So if you want to experience a Muddy Waters style show played by the next generation of the blues book Robbert Fossen & The Electric Men, Ivan Schilder (piano), Thomas Toussaint (harmonica), Lothar Wijnvoord (guitar), Dirk Wagensveld (bass) and Lars Hoogland (drums) at your club, theatre or festival. Check how 'deep' their music is.

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